Andersonville, GA Carbine Course AAR

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1 day carbine: September 27, 2015
 the day started with a brief explanation of magazines and how none of them are perfect. Which is of because 97% of us thinks that Magpul ate the magazine gods. He definitely shed light to me what makes them not so perfect.
The class then took turn getting videoed, immediately after that it was diagnostic time. What I noticed is almost everyone had very similar problems. Mostly, stance, grip bring the issue.
Once everyone got shown their video, it was range time. We took what he told us to the range and shot many rounds, drills with him correcting our form along the way.
To sum, the video was very helpful, even learning from watching other shooters video I implemented it to my own. John is definitely hands on with each person and notices everything. If you take a course with him, you will learn not only from your video, but others as well.

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