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So I guess I should preface this after action report by saying I am an average dude. I am not a LEO or Military. I have taken two other handgun training courses and completed a basic law enforcement Academy. That is the extent of my "formal" training.

Before signing up for Mr. McPhee's handgun course, I sent in a Gunfighter U video. Mr. McPhee's analysis of my handgun technique was eye opening and immensely helpful. The experience of the same old song and dance about trigger jerk, or trigger finger placement were laid to rest in minutes. I finally had the reasons I was struggling. They were highlighted and detailed by Shrek with the use of Coach's Eye. I cannot recommend Gunfighter U highly enough. It is an amazing training service that is accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

After I received my diagnostic back from Mr. McPhee, I began to train using the suggestions he made in the video, but still had some lingering questions though. I decided to sign up for the closest class. The class that was closest (3.5 hrs) ended up being cancelled. Abbey, who is awesome to work with, did everything she could to help me in finding another course date. I had to make a decision on whether or not to travel 5.5 hours, and spend two nights in a hotel in order to attend the class. I booked the course and the hotel and have absolutely no regrets what so ever about attending. It was, with out a doubt, worth the travel time and the best firearms training I have ever received.

Mr. McPhee was very personable, easy going, and very receptive to questions. It is true that the first portion of the class is more or less a classroom type atmosphere. Everyone has a video taken of their current technique, Shrek then analyzes the video making comments and correction marks(think pro sports game film). I found that I learned just as much, if not more, by watching everyone's tapes and seeing the recommended corrections. Mr. McPhee has hundreds, if not thousands, of videos at his disposal for teaching purposes and insight into corrections that should be made for greater efficiency. Knowing the error and corrective action is one thing, seeing it displayed in front of you via high speed video is a completely different animal and an amazing training tool.  A great feature of this course also is that Shrek sends you a copy of your films at the conclusion of the course so that you can refresh and continue training on your own.

Once the video and analysis session is over, students move to the range for one on one coaching based upon errors that were displayed in the videos. Shrek moves up and down the line addressing indexing issues, stance issues, or presentation issues. He remembers what issues were displayed in the video analysis then addresses them with students through hands-on instruction and manipulation. We completed several different drills designed to imprint proper technique and form. Once a drill is complete, Mr. McPhee moves down the line asking the class to participate in analysis of each target to identify errors in stance, grip, or index based on the examination of the bullet groupings. This is invaluable knowledge so that individuals can self diagnose their shooting from now on. We concluded the day's drills with two different competitions for accuracy which were extremely fun. Shrek then took comments and suggestions on what people thought were good points and what could be improved upon. Truly a breath of fresh air in an industry becoming filled with snake oil salesmen.

So, If you are looking for a ultra fast passed, high round count class, where an instructor screams at you most of your day, and you don't really walk away with concrete evidence of the deficiencies in your shooting technique, this is not the course for you. You are barking up the wrong tree. If you are searching for definite answers as to why you always seem to revert back to shooting the same errors after other courses, or you are looking for someone to actually coach you instead of scream at you, maybe you are looking to have a more efficient/proficient technique, or just looking for a class that focuses on results instead of round count, this is a course for you. I can honestly say that everyone who left Mr. McPhee's class that day is a better shooter than when they arrived. I am, no two ways about it, an entirely better shooter than when I first submitted my original Gunfighter U. Fact. Between my Gunfighter U and  the handgun course, I have not one single regret. If you are on the fence about taking a course, don't be. See for yourself what the Sheriff of Baghdad is all about. Take the proactive steps to become a better shooter. I don't think you will regret it either.



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