Bastrop, TX Pistol Course, AAR

Posted by John McPhee on

 Drew Zawora AAR: Bastrop, TX Pistol course, March 21, 2015

Wow!!!! That's how I wanted to start this review off because that's exactly how I felt the whole time taking the diagnostic pistol course. It was really life changing in terms of pistol use and practical application. John literally went behind the science of things and showed how your body reacts and what it does under the eye of video which was slowed down and then broken down to us by John. I would have given the class an A+ even without the video but with the video and audio of Johns coaching it makes this class a must have! I loved how John took individual time with each student to work on his or her technique after showing them and telling them what they did wrong. I will 100% take another class from John because I got priceless information and instruction from a proven instructor who took a vested interest in each student. And finally like any good place I worked we discussed what we liked and didn't like at the end to help improve for the future. Thanks again John and can't wait till the next class. 


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