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Colin Sutter: Bastrop, TX March 21, 2015 Pistol Course

To all who are considering taking Shrek's pistol course  let me put all your worries to bed.

This entire class is centered around scientific video data and John McPhee's expert analysis. He spends 30-40 minutes 1 on 1 with every person in the class and will have you shooting 100% more effectively after 4 rounds than any of the 1000+ rounds a day class. 
If you know a little about Shrek's background then you are well aware that there probably ins't a person out there that would be more qualified to teach people about firearms. He has more experience than anyone out there and the fact that he even teaches a class is an excellent opportunity that you cannot get anywhere else. 
Even with all his real world combat experience he is a truly humble guy. There are people there (myself included) that he could easily tear apart and make feel like crap, but that is not how he operates. His philosophy isn't to beat people down but to instruct them and build them up. Ask the guy any question and he will answer it. 
Bottom line is this, John "Shrek" Mcphee is a true Professional with passion and skill for teaching even the most inexperienced and flawed student. His classes are extremely economical to the point  that you know this guy just wants to make people better. If he is anywhere remotely near your area, you owe it to yourself to take his class, if you don't you are seriously missing out.

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