Bastrop, TX Pistol Course AAR

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Derek Rodgers: Bastrop, TX Pistol Course AAR March 21, 2015

The class was fantastic from the start!  Class starts out slow with individual video diagnostic of two shots, reload from appendix or side and fire two more than an average of 30 min of one on one with John.  This part of the class is what sets an SOB tactical class apart from the competition, the one on one video diagnostic.  during the Diagnostic John goes in complete detail of the presentation, reload, grip and shots after reload.  The video along with him recording over it with his critique and personality is priceless as it is something he emails everyone after the class that they will have forever to look back at and practice with, and I have watched mine daily practicing what he recommended in my video.  The wait while everyone is being videod aslo went bye fast and is another way of learning as most have the same training scars and it is good to hear him go over the same fundamentals over and over and learn from what others are doing wrong. The line drills and the again one on one john provides to reinforce what was discussded during the video were also price less and very helpful, giving constant reminders of the fundamentals he had been preching from the start of class.  Various other shooting classes teach the same fundamentals but dont give the one on one attention John provides which makes the class second to none.  I also enjoyed the competition done at the end of the class as it puts each person on the spot and adds a small bit of "stress" inorder to make the shot and advance.  It is also a good reminder that all handguns are capable of being shot out to distance (specaily subcompact guns) and not just from 7-10 or 25 yards.  With all that being said, Johns personality and knowledge are also second to none and the class would be worthwhile just being there listening and hearing him talk shit which was awesome!!
 I also would like to comment on how great the entire SOB tactical team is regarding super fast responses to emails, quick shipping on merchandise bought from the store and overall customer support. I see there is already a two day pistol class posted in Bastrop for the end of Oct and Me and my crew of 5 will be there!

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