2-Day Pistol Course: October 29-30, 2016

Posted by Abbey C on

Just finished the SOB 2-Day Pistol class in Bastrop, TX.  First and foremost, if you have not taking any training from John McPhee, you are definitely missing out on a source of extreme knowledge and skill.  Mr. McPhee is very approachable and eager to answer questions and engage with participants.  He is friendly, humorous, and keeps your interest.  John's class is not about ego, but about passing of knowledge and skill and learning is enhanced through examples of real world application.
I was skeptical of the video diagnostics used for the class when I showed up.  John's ability to use the Coach's Eye and his proficiency in analyzing the students is truly impressive. Remember, the video doesn't lie and is an outstanding asset.  I came to the course confident in my abilities and it was quickly identified that there were several things that I needed to become more efficient and better.  Through many different courses and training that I have attended, this is the first time that I have felt that I have truly learned something.  John's ability to relate what he is showing to better yourself is truly amazing.  Providing the student's with videos to keep in order to review and continue the learning process is a blessing.  John understands that you will not remember everything that is taught in a class and the videos he provides insure that the learning process continues.  I cannot speak more highly of the instruction, professionalism, and knowledge that John McPhee provides.  I look forward to continue to seek training and guidance from John and rest assured, you get what you are seeking and more from taking a class from the Sheriff of Baghdad.  Have no doubts, if you haven't taken a class from John, You are definitely denying yourself.  Quit thinking about it and sign up for a class, keep in mind that if you snooze you will really be losing. - Rob D.

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