Bastrop, TX 2-Day Pistol Course AAR

Posted by Abbey C on

Shrek's two day pistol covered every aspect of shooting I cared to improve: manipulations, target to target transitions, presentation etc.  We worked from 1 yard to over 100 yards.  The video diagnostics portion is powerful.  I had already done videos via Gunfighter U, but the videos done in class yielded even more issues and I did not find it to be repetitive.  I have never fired such accurate groups at max speed as I did in the class, and I have been pushing that on my own for years. Regarding pure marksmanship skills, Shrek will not stop until you have hit your personal best. He always has something else in store to get you to another level.  In addition there were insights regarding situational awareness, ccw tactics and using good judgment in a bad situation.   Shrek was personable and patient with every question.   Highly recommended.

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