Bastrop, TX 2-Day Pistol Course AAR

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Bastrop, TX 2-Day Pistol Course: October 31 and November 1, 2015

Through the 2 Day Pistol Class I was able to radically improve both my group size and consistency. My learning curve is such that I tend to only have 1 lightbulb moment or breakthrough for every 2 to 3 days of instruction. The way John uses multiple video sessions, manipulates the pace of the class, and oscillates between focusing on speed and accuracy I was able to have 1 break through moment each day and see steady improvement on my accuracy and speed between the breakthroughs. Like all his classes I am able to use my videos and his instruction for reference and what I need to focus on moving forward. Through the multiday class I was able to see a pattern in John’s approach to skills practice and I am changing the way I plan my practice sessions to continue my progress.

The class offered logical and efficient ways of dealing with malfunctions and moving and shooting.  The malfunctions piece was so seamless it took little practice to smoothly implement.  John’s teaching of grip and stance allowed for a smooth introduction to moving and shooting, there were instances where I actually shot tighter groups while moving than when standing still and another student in the class consistently shot better while moving as opposed to standing still. Over all the 2 day class was well worth it.  The pace and plan was such that I was able to retain and execute all that was taught and the extra day and practice allowed me to further cement the concepts and take a glimpse into a better way to plan my range sessions



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