Bastrop, TX: Half-Day Couple's Pistol Course

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Half-Day Couples Pistol Course: October 30, 2015

My husband and I loved the class. Getting in front of people and having all eyes on me while performing a task really got me out of my comfort zone. John did a great job making me feel comfortable every time I went up to shoot. By the second round of shooting, I felt as if John had been my coach for a very long time. 
What really hit home was that John took the role of a coach vs an instructor. He didn't yell commands or make me fire a lot of bullets. He took his time with every student and explained the "why" on his coaching. In 4 simple rounds, he did what my husband hasn't been able to do in countless range trips. He made me a better shooter. He took his time with each person. 
I really loved the video technique because I was able to see myself in action. By the second round of videos, I was able to start pointing out some of my own mistakes. I look forward to using the videos he sent us for future "perfect practice." My husband and I look forward to future classes with John. 
We want to thank SOB Tactical for the great date night and the delicious BBQ. I'm glad I was able to spend time with my husband doing something we both love. I want to also thank John for spending time with us after the class to answer any questions and he also let us use night vision. :) 
I hope this helps.  Thank you again for everything. I hope to see another date night with shooting involved! 
-Morgan G.

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