1-Day Pistol and Carbine Course

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Berwick, ME August 27-28, 2016


I just attended two days of training with John "Shrek" McPhee of SOB and all I can say is WOW!
We did a one day pistol diagnostic and one day rifle diagnostic class.  I have been a police officer
for almost 17 years, spent several years on the SWAT team, an instructor for almost 10 years and
thought I had a pretty good handle on shooting and instructing.  Well, I was wrong.  What I learned
over the past two days, 8 rounds (yes, 8) and two videos of me shooting provided me with more
knowledge and lessons than I had obtained over the past 20 years or so of shooting.
John's "instructing" style is more like a coach who wants his player to be as awesome as he can be.
The detailed one on one coaching over the past two days was on a level I have never been exposed to
in my entire shooting career.  The class size was only 8 students and that made for an exceptional
experience that you just don't get from some of the other big name instructors as you stand on a line with
20 plus other shooters.
Being a "good" shooter meant I typically didn't have anyone to tell me how I could improve as they
already saw me as good enough.  I wanted to be better and knew I needed to fix things but I had no
idea exactly what that was or how to get there.  This class did that and so much more for me!  I have
a ton of fine tuning to do and when I put the time in, I know it will throw my shooting ability through the roof!
As an instructor, I now have a whole new arsenal of techniques and ideas on how to coach and help my
students and fellow officers, which will be and invaluable resource for me for the rest of my career.
It doesn't matter if you've never taken a class or you've been through hundreds of hours of training like I have.
I guarantee you that you will leave a better shooter if you take one of John's classes.  If you are new to shooting
then I couldn't suggest a better class to get started with.  That way you won't have to undo years of bad habits,
like I will have to do! 
If you can't make a class then do the next best thing, John's Gunfighter U.  He uses the same video techniques
as he does in his class but at a fraction of the cost!  Can't afford the class or don't want to be "embarrassed" shooting
in front of people you don't know, then go online and get the same one on one instruction from John directly!  You
won't be sorry and I promise it'll be the best money you ever spent on training!
One last thing, I hosted this class and set it up through Abbey, John's coordinator extraordinaire!  Abbey made hosting
super easy and she answered my literally 100,000 questions about getting this class up and going and she made it a painless
process (for me anyway!)  So don't see John on the schedule in your area, get a spot to shoot and set it up yourself!  Again you won't
be sorry!
Kevin LeDoux
Police Officer

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