1-Day Pistol and Carbine Course

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Berwick, ME August 27-28, 2016

I have spent many years seeking out and training with, the most experienced instructors in the country. I have learned much from them all and different perspectives are important. My growth as a shooter was through dogged perseverance and at a great personal expense. Despite the high level of training, there were problems I wrestled with that impeded my growth. 

While I sought answers to the causes of my issues, they never seemed to get properly addressed. Sometimes the answers provided were generic and ill defined “solutions”. To the greatest extent, these solutions never seemed to pan out. I was beginning to think I was not capable of further progress. I had plateaued. 

This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. John “Shrek” McPhee provided me with the individual attention, feedback, and corrections to make me progress again. The truth is, the plateau wasn’t mine, but was that of the instruction I had received. Based on modern sports training techniques and neurology, John’s coaching is on a completely different level. 

Attending training, you can expect a low round count, and a lot of discussion. You begin by shooting a 4 round drill cold while be being videoed. The better part of the day is spent individually assessing your video. Combining human behaviors with the technology of video replay, there is no escaping John’s trained eye. There is no denying your actions, conscious or subconscious.  Your actions are there frame by frame at 240 frames per second to be dissected. The open dialog about your video is frank and direct. If you listen, you will learn a great deal. 

The balance of the day consists of targeted drills that allow you to correct your own personal shortcomings. All the while, John is giving personal feedback in real time. The results of this technique are staggering. After class, you will receive a copy of your video, including the live discussion with graphical markups. This is irreplaceable information for your future reference. You will also be capable of self-diagnosing your future groups.  

Many training industry myths were dispelled with the empirical evidence to back it up. The approach is not to look at the target and then back at the shooter but to look at the shooter first then confirm the effects on the target. This may sound like the same thing but the difference is stark. John’s coaching techniques are light years ahead of the industry. 

While there are many talented instructors across the industry, there are few coaches. John “Shrek” McPhee is of the later. The only way to not improve is to bring an ego to training. 


Gregg D.

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