1-Day Premium Pistol Course AAR

Posted by Abbey C on

AAR for Chino,CA 1-Day Premium Pistol Class on January 22, 2016

I would invite all pistol shooters to attend John's class. Our class was made up of four law enforcement officers, one lady who had shot before, and me Gramps with some experience. The knowledge you gain from seeing yourself in action can only be captured via John's use of action timed video. Bottom line, the five men were envious of the new shooter because she was given a jump start, and take home video to refer back to, on the proper technique of shooting a pistol. She will be a better shooter, save time and money by avoiding trial and error methods. We will also become better shooters now that we have videos we can use to self correct. I will continue to train with other 1st tier trainers, as you should after John's class. It has been my experience that all the instructors at this level want us to become more accurate and better trained shooters. Remember the life you save could be yours, family member, partner, team member or the person you do not shoot because you are better trained.

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