Chino, CA 1-Day Pistol July 25, 2015

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Video Pistol Diagnostic 1-Day Chino Hills, CA 07/25/15


I was referred to John by two of the best shooters I have ever met.  Their exact words were “If you want to be a better shooter, take his video diagnostic class. Nothing else comes close to it.”  They were absolutely right.  In short this class, after 4 shots, made me a better shooter and it taught me more than I’ve learned in any other class.  Every serious shooter needs to take this class, or at the very least needs to try Gunfighter U.




In the Video Pistol Diagnostic class, the students started out by firing 2 shots at a target about 5-7 yards away, followed by a reload and two more follow-up shots. This was done one at a time, while John filmed the shooter.  After everyone in the class had shot, we immediately went and watched the videos, while John analyzed the video of each person in front of the class.  John analyzed each person’s stance, draw, grip, and reload using software that allowed him to visually show each person what they were doing wrong, and how to fix it.  Amazingly, he could do this from only 4 shots.  Don’t bother trying to argue with him, or say you don’t actually have the problem he says you have…  The video doesn’t lie.  After a morning of him coaching all of us on how to be better shooters, we hit the range again and put all of his critiques into action.  Immediately, we were all shooting significantly better than we were in the morning.  This was after only 4 shots.




I have taken many fighting pistol/defensive pistol/combative pistol classes, and I know I’m a competent shooter.  I know I can draw my gun while being choked out/mounted/punched in the face/etc. and make good shots on target, but I felt like I was missing something.  I felt like I wasn’t doing things as efficiently as I could, and I was fairly certain my fundamentals (stance, draw, grip, reload) were ok, but not as perfect as I’d like them to be.  My goal going into this class was to become a more efficient shooter.




This class met and exceeded my expectations.  I’m a competent shooter, but I always felt/knew my fundamentals weren’t perfect.  I’ve gotten very broad general advice, but no one ever analyzed every aspect of my shooting, and then visually showed me how to improve everything.  




This class was unlike anything I’ve ever done.  I am not a competition shooter, nor do I play gun games.  I’m a fighter.  In most of the classes I’ve take the end result is what mattered.  Shots on target were good enough and everything else was done however it was necessary to make those shots.  I’d never been exposed to “skills” classes.  I was hesitant to take this class at first, but with John’s reputation I figured it couldn’t be that bad.  This class was amazing, and John is a really cool dude, and a great coach.  He kind of realized I wasn’t there to increase my score at a match like some of the other guys there, and he worked with me differently than he worked with some of the other guys.  He didn’t teach a class, he coached individuals.  There wasn’t generic information given out to the entire class, there was specific critiques for each individual followed up by advice on how each individual can fix their specific problem.  I got a lot out of this class. This was a low round count class that was cheaper than a lot of other classes where I didn’t learn a tenth as much.  If you’re budget conscious THIS is the class you need to take.  As an added benefit, John's a really cool dude who was a former super commando.  He has the coolest stories ever!!!




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