Chino, CA 1-Day Pistol July 25, 2015

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1-Day Pistol W/ Video Diagnostics: Adam H.

The class was really, really good.  Below is my AAR.  It is pretty long, but I think these points need to be made. 

At the end of the day, the marketing materials/concept cannot do justice to what you guys are doing for the shooting industry.  In a few years, people will look at this model as "Why didn't we do this sooner?"
Please stick with it and continue to develop.  The industry needs this and you have a loyal base of customers to fund the journey.
Concept:  You need to approach a course with SOB with a mindset that at the end of the day, you will leave a much better shooter, no matter your skill set, and although the approach is very new to firearms training, the methods, technology and approach are proven in elite sports and deployed by numerous agencies. 
The approach is to set a baseline, by filming you fire a few rounds, perform a reload, and fire again.  Then, the real learning begins by reviewing your technique in a 240 frames per second video in HD, on a monitor in front of the entire class.  All aspects of shooting, stance, presentation, grip and reloads are evaluated.  Areas of improvement are discussed from both an efficiency standpoint and a practicality viewpoint.  
The class is run very smooth, but is very open and dynamic based on the results of the students, and the questions/concepts proposed by the class or SOB himself.  While the class was not solely focused on concealed carry, when students had questions around the reality of carry/gunfighting, SOB shared stories, visual walkthroughs, and ended every section with "Any questions? Does that make sense?". 
A good portion of the class will be spent in a roundtable setting, reviewing each students performance and discussing the pro's and con's.  Again, this is a different concept than traditional firearms training which is more focused around the idea that "high round counts will fix your problem".  If that same logic was applied to professional golfers, or baseball players, they would be swinging at the ball incorrectly thousands of times, without anyone helping them fix their technique. 
The class is focused around improving your technique and the results are immediate.
SOB's background speaks for itself, and he never leaves a student with an unanswered question or feeling like they are not getting individual attention. When it comes to the reality, or stories of combat, OPSEC is respected, but the practical application of the techniques being discussed in this class have been deployed in sand boxes by many, many war fighters. 
Having access and speaking with a Veteran such as SOB for 8+ hours is worth the price of admission in and of itself.  Through in world class firearms training, and lots of laughs, and you have the future of sports coaching applied to shooting.
I can only speak for myself, but the results that I saw from each student, and myself personally were very clear, and very evident.  Some students came with more advanced skill sets, and some were brand new.  By the end, we were all faster and more accurate.  There are several drills done at the beginning to establish a baseline, and by the end of the day, the results are clear as day.
My final point is around the killing of sacred cows and firearm myths.  Do you suffer from "Trigger Jerk"?  What about "both thumbs forward"? "Rack the slide/charging handle?"
You will see for yourself, how a slight tweak in a stance, grip or pressure will make an immediate difference in your shooting.  Many myths are destroyed in front of your eyes, by yourself!
Do yourself a favor and take a class.  You will not regret it.  Oh, did I mention you get personal HD videos with voice overlay discussing exactly how to improve YOUR shooting based on your body type, skills, and abilities? Yeah, that is what you go home with.  Pretty impressive.

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