Chino, CA 1-Day Pistol July 26, 2015

Posted by Abbey C on

AAR from Jonas Choi for Chino, 26 JUL 2015

This was a low round-count class, somewhere around 100 rounds, and was very slow paced in the beginning. This is understandable, as diagnosis and feedback for each individual student takes time. It was interesting to see what the other students, and there were some common trends across everyone. There are plenty of instructors that will teach what to do correctly, but are not able to break down what a student is doing incorrectly; this is the big difference that John brings to the table: the ability to reinforce what is done correctly, but also point out areas of improvement. Coming out of the class, I was able to diagnose an issue that had been with me for a very long time, and was able to partially overcome before, but this class was allowed me to find the root cause and a much better solution to it. Because of this, I was able to make very accurate shots up close and to make the 56yd shot at the end of the shoot-off with my handgun.

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