Chino, CA: 1-Day Pistol July 26, 2015

Posted by Abbey C on

Shrek’s class is like no other training I’ve ever seen. I’m a relatively new shooter, but I’ve spent a couple years with trainers and by myself trying to diagnose and micro-correct my technique. I had progressed very little and very slowly. 

John had us start with a simple 4 round drill, recorded on high-speed video. We then stepped off line and watched everyone’s videos, with John giving a giant amount individual analysis and correction. All of the errors and inefficiencies that usually hard to pin down become obvious and undeniable. After lunch, we shot a logical progression of drills and applied what we learned in the morning. Again, we each got a lot of individual time reading the targets.  

John’s coaching definitely barbecues some “sacred cows,” and may differ from what you’re used to doing, but video doesn’t lie.   I was moving beyond my comfort zone and showing improvement by the end of the day. The methodology is extremely efficient, which translates to a lot of learning with a LOW round count. The combination of technology and Shrek's experience means SEEING errors and getting the fix right then and there.

I would absolutely recommend others to take a class, or to use Gunfighter U. I have done both and would sign up for more. 

- EC

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