Chino, CA: 1-Day Pistol July 25, 2015

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Sheriff of Baghdad – John “Shrek” McPhee

1 Day Pistol Fundamentals Personal Coaching

July 25th, Prado Olympic, Chino California


After Action Report

This was my first class with Shrek whom I came highly recommended from his class back from a couple years ago. I checked with one of his alums, Ramin Zarnegar, who recommended the class as one of, if not, the best shooting diagnostics class available. So I signed up for it.

Class started promptly on time at 0900 and continued without breaks till 17:15. Yup we went straight through for 8 hours. You eat/drink whenever you can. The class was maxed out at 12 shooters

Shrek started the personal coaching session by taking a video of each of us doing a draw, shoot two, reload, then shoot two. We shot this cold to best show any flaws in our technique.

The rest of the morning was spent meticulously going over and breaking down each individual’s errors in shooting. Like they say, slow-mo videos don’t lie and man do you really see every minute issue/flaw you may have that is normally masked by speed.

Shrek was great at diagnosing each individual’s Stance, Grip, Draw, Speed, Reload and Recoil Management. He broke these down for each shooter and explained, one-by-one, what the shooter can do to improve each component with detailed diagrams and explanations to why his suggestions may work better for that shooter. This is key because each individual had their own strengths and weaknesses and the diagnostics was catered to the individual. It was time consuming but necessary. I must say, that it is amazing to me how much you can learn about your shooting from a mere 4 rounds.

After we learned what adjustments we had to make to our shooting (Stance, Grip, Reload, Recoil Control…), we proceeded to do drills aimed at applying what we learned from the video: adjusting our stance for our body type, proper grip, locking arms and absorbing recoil. We went from shooting single shots from low ready to Shrek’s version of the failure drill to multiple target transitions focusing on proper form followed by speed. Shrek taught us that once you have proper form you can speed up and the speed will not affect your shot precision. He surely proved that during live fire. The unique thing about this class is that he did not let us just shoot all together on command but spent time watching each shooter and correcting any issues he sees on the line. Individual attention was definitely the theme.

We finished with a walk-back competition that culminated in two shooters at a little over 50 yards shooting a steel target holding the pistol upside down, support hand only, sudden death style. The winner received an SOB belt buckle.



Only “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”! And the best way to learn perfect form is by using video analysis to train your brain to envision yourself in perfect form. I have taken many classes from the best in the industry and I never thought I would learn so much from watching myself shoot 4 rounds; yup, 4 rounds is all it took to show me how to improve/perfect my form.

In contrast to the typical shooting classes where you run drills all day and are assessed based on marksmanship without any individual coaching, Shrek takes a step back to polish your shooting technique so you can then apply it in the drills. This is a much better approach in my opinion as you start with perfecting the fundamentals. All else is applying perfect fundamentals at speed.

The best part of this class is that it actually teaches you what you need to do next time you are at the range; what to work on and how to improve your form/technique. This is the most valuable information I have ever received from any shooting/tactical class I have taken thus far. I highly recommend Shrek’s diagnostics coaching to anyone who is serious about shooting. And if you can’t take the class, you can upload videos of you shooting at and Shrek will give you feedback/online coaching to improve your technique. Go ahead try it. It is well worth every penny.



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