Chino, CA 1-Day Pistol July 26, 2015

Posted by Abbey C on

The video diagnostics enable the shooter to see every detail of their technique.  To then have your technique analyzed and receive feedback from a person with the experience/credentials of Mr. McPhee is truly amazing.  He gives you the roadmap to become safer, faster and more accurate.  
Because "video doesn't lie" this class creates and atmosphere where individuals have to leave their ego at the door and be humble and open to learning.  Mr. McPhee's attitude and enthusiasm really makes this a great learning environment.  He is very humble and accepts all feedback given by students in order to improve the course.  
In my opinion the method of instruction used in this course is the most effective way to learn.  This is not about how many rounds you can spend but rather making the most of each round.  This course saves you time and money. Why spend countless hours and money trying to figure it out at the range ? If you can learn from the best and get closer to your goals in only for 4 rounds.  If you want to get better, this is the course to take.  Thanks Shrek !    

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