Chino, CA: 1-Day Carbine July 27, 2015

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1-Day Carbine Course July 27, 2015, Chino, CA

I attended John's carbine class last weekend in Chino CA and signed up for his pistol class in Texas. John's class is like no other that I've ever attended or heard of. I have attended numerous classes, and will continue, with 1st tier instructors. His video method is truly a paradigm shift to help individuals become better shooters. His class size was as close to a private lesson as one can find in a group class. Our class suggested he continue with the small class size, no more than 6/8 to a class. You are able to learn, and take away in real time corrections that will assist you in other classes. If you could only take 2 classes they should be John's pistol and carbine class. He gives you the video that you can continue to revisit and improve your skill set. Don't stop training with others just train early with John.

Shaun aka GRAMPS

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