Chino, CA: 1-Day Pistol July 26, 2015

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1-Day Pistol July 26, 2015: Chino, CA

John's class was an eye opener to say the least. In all honesty the current market is saturated with instructors that have great pedigrees, but we've become a community that draw to their celebrity status vs actually going to a class to learn. The video diagnostics is by far the most innovative and honest training I've ever received. The fact that we get to keep the videos helps us retain what we've learned. As an instructor John was patient, well spoken and allotted time for every student to help drive the feedback provided. Round count was low (125 rounds for me), but I was able to learn more in this shorter class than most 2 day courses. There was a heavy focus on stance, grip, presentation and reload. The term "trigger jerk" is always used loosely as the main cause of poor performance, but Shrek will debunk this train of thought and enlighten you on what is really causing the issue. Look no further if you are looking for a class that yields the most improvement in the shortest amount of time. I look forward to taking his class again.



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