Chino, CA 1-Day Pistol: July 26, 2015

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1 – Day Pistol July 26, 2015, Chino CA

“I can give you the road map, I can’t drive you” - John McPhee

This was one of many quotes I walked away with from my one day pistol diagnostic course. John starts the day off by introducing himself and what the course is about. Then the class heads down the range, where he uses the Coaches’ Eye App to record each student shooting a total of 4 rounds. After everyone has shot, John has the class sit around a TV display and starts going over each student’s video.  Each student sits in the “hot seat” when his video is played. At this time the video of the student becomes the “map” as John drawing lines all over it. The use of technology is what makes this class so great. John is able to show you frame by frame why a presentation, stance, grip, and reload are good, bad or ugly. John gives the students the means to fix the problems he found on the video or to reinforce the good things he found on the video. Each student is given a copy of their video, so they can review it and work on what needs to be improved.   Like the quote says, he can give you the map, but it’s up to the student to want to take the route to getting better.  

The course has lot of down time in the morning due to each student getting a one on one with John. I used it as an opportunity to see how John diagnoses other students and to take notes on how to fix certain things. After lunch the pace picks up and the class works on the fixes that John brings up during the morning’s video diagnostic. The round count may be low, but the knowledge that is gained from the rounds that are fired is priceless.  

To echo other reviews, John is a very humble person and brings a positive and enthusiastic attitude to the class. The environment he creates for the class is one that is relaxed and free of egos and one that makes students strive to get better. He shows a real passion for using technology for getting students to shoot better, a first that I have seen.   Also, he is open to any suggestions that students have in making the class better for future students.

This class is some of the best training I have been to. I carry a gun for a living and this training has helped me in identifying problems that I have had since the beginning of my career. I plan on taking more classes with John and would highly recommend him to anyone who is new to shooting or has been shooting for a while.



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