Cleveland, TN Pistol Course AAR

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Cleveland, TN Pistol Course AAR: September 24, 2015
I had the opportunity to attend Shrek's pistol and carbine video diagnostics class in Cleveland Tn. I'd like to start by saying the experience was incredible! Shrek is an amazing coach and down to earth. I learned more from him after firing just 4 rounds of ammo than I have in 10 years of training with other instructors. The video diagnostics coupled with the range instruction and drills was a great combination. He was able to not only tell me what needed to be improved but show me on video along with detailed explanation on why and how. Shrek is truly a great coach and pushed me to shoot faster and more accurate than I ever thought I could. I walked away from the classes knowing it was by far the best training I have ever received. I would recommend if you want a chance to train with a legend that is not only a master shooter but an amazing instructor, take Shrek's class. You will take more away from it than you could imagine. 
Sean Emmer

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