Cleveland, TN Pistol Course AAR

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Cleveland, TN Pistol Course: September 24, 2015

Josh W.   Law Enforcement/SWAT/Firearms Instructor

I had the opportunity to attend the SOB 1-day Pistol diagnostic course followed by the SOB 1-day Carbine diagnostic course. WOW is all I can say. I attend numerous training courses every year (firearms and/or tactics) and this is by far the most I have learned in any course. Going into the course I knew there were several things about the pistol and the carbine that needed work, but have never been able to get instructors to articulate how to fix them. As a firearms instructor for my department it drove me mad. With 4 rounds and the video diagnostic Shrek was able to fix one of my biggest headaches. After just a short time I was able to shoot faster and more accurately than ever before. Shrek is an incredible coach and I wish this was my first course so I didn’t have to unlearn bad habits. I will be taking many more Sheriff of Bagdad courses. 


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