De Soto, KS Pistol and Carbine Course AAR

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Premium Pistol/Standard Carbine AAR: October 9 and October 11, 2016


If you’re saying to yourself, “I only need 300 rounds for this class, versus other classes that shoot 1000+ rounds how can I learn?” Trust me, you’ll learn more in your first four shoots than you could in 10,000 with other ‘trainers.’


I said emphatically at the end of my first class, that I had learned more in a few hours than I had in my entire life of shooting. On the drive home I came to realize that my statement was not true. What I actually learned was how so much of the knowledge I’d accumulated was just straight BS.


The video diagnostics is an amazing tool to aid in showing the me what I was doing wrong, where I could improve, and how to improve on it. John’s statement of “6 months of training in 4 shots” originally had me questioning the veracity of statement. After watching myself shoot, and have John coach me through what I could do better I cannot put into words just how true that statement is. With his coaching and video diagnostics, you not only learn what you can do better, but you learn the tools to be able to self diagnose and correct your stance, grip, and presentation. At the end of course you also get copies of your videos enabling you too continue watching and learning from your mistakes.


John is an amazing teacher, not a trainer, but a teacher who you can really tell enjoys what he does. When another student or myself would have a ‘eureka’ moment, you would see John get excited that we were learning.


The size of the premium class, 5 students, ensures everyone gets intensive one-on-one coaching from John. It also gave us students the opportunity to get to know John and talk about a huge assortment of things from guns and gear, to barbeque and diets.


If you are considering take a course with John, DO IT! If I ever see one of his classes within a five hour drive of me I will not hesitate to be the first student enrolled. No matter what your skill level is John, without a doubt, will make you a better shooter I guarantee it.



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