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Pistol Course AAR: De Soto, KS October 10, 2015


I recently attended a one day pistol diagnostics class with the Sheriff of Baghdad, John "Shrek" McPhee  I can not say enough good things about the experience.. 
I have carried a firearm on a regular basis for most of my adult life, first in the military and then as a law enforcement officer.  I have completed military firearm training and two police academies. Despite considering myself competent with a handgun, I have avoided competitive shooting and numerous training classes due to the ego I have seen in both.  The class with John was a complete departure from the ego filled shooting world.  Despite John's impressive resume, he made this class about the students.  He answered questions about his experience, but did not harp on it and was more concerned about improving his students shooting than impressing anyone.  
The individual attention that is given to each student is invaluable.  It was not generic information about what works for someone else.  It was direct feedback about what mistakes I was making and how I could improve them.  The corrections John made on my shooting made an immediate difference and at the end of the class I, and several other students, made repeated hits on a one hundred yard target.  
The value continues after the class as John provides each student with their individual coaching videos.  
If you want to improve your shooting then take this class.  You will receive individual coaching unlike anything else available in the industry.  If attending a class in not feasible due to time or location, then look into GunfighterU.  

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