De Soto, KS Pistol Course AAR

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I have wanted to attend a SOB class for the past two years. I know of John’s background and know from others he is a “professor” of his trade. The reason I waited so long to attend a class was timing, and location of his classes to mine. I have wanted to start competing in some local matches but am not confident in my skills. I only shoot at a family farm for fun. I have not had any formal training, and just enjoy shooting and spending time outside.

After seeing that John was going to be a few hours drive away I signed up ASAP. I knew I was in for an educational and fun day. The day stated at 800 sharp and we got to work right away. We had about 12 students in the class with varying ages and skills. Everyone was excited and knew it was going to be a great day.

We started with the video diagnostics by shooting 2 rounds, reload, and then shot 2 more rounds. John focused on the fundamentals. Be good at the basics and that will lead to mastery. Grip, stance, presentation, and reload. John spent a good 20-30 minutes with each student, dissecting the video like a mad man. Most people had the same issues but what I found so helpful was that he made notes that related specifically to my body type and genetics. You could go to another class and be told you need better stance, or grip, but John SHOWED me how to fix MY issues to MY body. Truly PHD level education. The only downside to the class would be the downtime while John went through each video.

If you just want to shoot the whole time then this is not the class for you. If you are a true student and want to truly KNOW, then the downtime is no issue. I will always have the video to learn from and plan to use the Gunfighter U for a follow-up so I can see the improvements I made.


Thanks John, and enjoy the whiskey.


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