De Soto, KS 1-Day Pistol Course

Posted by Abbey C on

I learned an incredible amount of information about pistol shooting from John in just 8 hours.  Despite a lot of class time spent with the videos, I felt the pace of the day and the small class size was perfect.  The day of the course flew by and I can't wait for him to return to De Soto, KS in 2017 to take another course.  I have been watching my Coach's Eye videos (with super easy access through Dropbox) over and over and it's incredible how much Shrek can diagnose from just 4 rounds.  He is truly a great coach and teacher who is very approachable and provided very attentive hands-on, personalized instruction.  The only thing I would change about the class would be shoot a few more drills and have some hats, tshirts, patches, and combat bands available for purchase after the class.  I love my SOB swag.  I brought my puncher and kydex deep concealment holster with me and I think some other students will be visiting the SOB store for their own soon.  See ya next Friday Night Live!

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