1-Day Pistol Course: Grafton, ND

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I had the great pleasure of meeting John "Shrek" McPhee last Tuesday and spending the day in his 8 hour Pistol Markmanship Course.

I absolutely recommend working with John. He is a world-class coach. His video diagnostic methods allow you to watch yourself in slow-motion playback and see exactly what he is talking about when he gives you corrections.

I had very high expectations when I arrived. John's classes are priced at the high end of the training industry and I want v...alue for my hard-earned dollar. My expectations were met and I got my money's worth before noon.

We started the day with a simple diagnostic drill. Draw and fire two shots, reload and fire two more, holster. We ran this once, one student at a time, while John shot video. We then went through those videos as John used the Coach's Eye app to assess each student's Stance, Grip, Presentation, and Reload in painstaking detail. These video coaching sessions were later emailed to us for our review.

I took the course in hopes that it would help me be a better instructor and coach. I've been intrigued by the Coach's Eye and wanted to see it in John's expert hands. I got what I wanted with the added bonus of becoming a better, faster shooter. John cleaned up some bad habits for me and changed my mind on some fundamental teaching points.

The last half of the day was spent making the adjustments recommended during the coaching session. John is a shining example of what is right when teaching gun stuff. He is patient and encouraging. He works hard to help his students understand and perform more efficiently. His drills were split between proof-of-concept exercises and repetitions for skill development.

We were taught how to properly read our targets and analyze our own shooting. This is an important takeaway. John destroys some old industry tropes and BS drills that slap bandaids on fundamental deficiencies in technique.

I recommend this course if you want to be a better, faster shooter. This is billed as a marksmanship course but understand that it is marksmanship in the context of gunfighting, not bullseye competition.

Students should already possess safe gun handling skills including presentation from a holster. You are expected to arrive with the ability to safely hit a chest-sized target multiple times from a car-length away from the holster. John will take it from there. Bring an open mind, willingness to learn and make changes, and leave your ego at home.


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