1-Day Pistol: Grafton, ND

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The S.O.B. one day pistol class review you should read.  Or have read to you in the sweet dulcet tones of Shrek himself, if he did audible books.
First off, if you are looking at this you already know that you need something extra in your shooting life.  There is some area, or multiple areas that you struggle with.  Time to find a class to get the help you need.  The problem, so many people are out there teaching unrealistic techniques and regurgitated information, lacking any real understanding of the "so what" or giving an impractically high round count giving you a false sense of accomplishment.  As an instructor for my agency I can promise much of the wrong information is still out there, still being taught, and still not being explained.  Seeing the right way brought out is eye opening.  It's bringing light to the darkness and a relief to know things can become better through logical thought and practical application.  
The solution is a hands on class with the Sheriff.  For those shooters that are perhaps apprehensive about training with a former Commando, anticipating being yelled at, made fun of, or stressed to the point of breaking, forget it.  That simply is not the way John conducts these classes.  He is highly professional, very low key, personable and knowledgeable in the subject matter to an obvious high degree.  No matter if you are new to the shooting sports or a 20+ year veteran shooter,   You. Will. Improve.
Using his proven methodology and the Coaches Eye software he brings professional sports science to the shooting realm.  He will break down and analyze your video, giving you the personalized fixes you need to immediately enhance your shooting and will have you at a higher level quicker than you would think possible.  Previously I had done his Gunfighter University distance diagnostic, which is worth it and helped a good deal, but the hands on attention in a personal class brings things to another level and really helps tighten things up.  
Once your fixes are shown you will start shooting more accurately and with more speed, faster than you ever thought you could.  This will be a real eye opener for you.  You will be better, and through a series of drills and on the spot corrections you will continue to rapidly improve over the course of the day.  At the end of the day you will have a deeper understanding of your potential and will have shown a marked improvement in speed, accuracy and you will realize why so much of what was taught before is simply wrong.  The best part is once you know what the fixes are for you, they are yours to keep.  You also leave with your own personalized videos that you can always go back to for review.   
You do not need high round counts, you do not need 40+ people on a line, and you do not need some super secret promise not to divulge the ninja secrets you are about to learn.  You do need this class.  You will have a great time, meet some great people, and go home with a new found skill set.    Join the revolution and have your mind opened folks, this is practical science at its finest. 

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