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AAR for High View, WV: June 26, 2015 Pistol Course

To All Shooters,
The Pistol and Carbine courses were great! I have been through two police academies, local and federal, and have never been given the copious instruction and answer that I was given within the first 10 minuets of working with John. His use of the video to teach and correct the students is second to none, and he is absolutely correct when he says that watching yourself will teach your subconscious. I know that after I watched my video, got "tuned up" by John I was catching my own mistakes and teaching myself! I now have the basis of knowledge to go to the range and practice perfectly to produce perfect results.
When I went to the pistol class that was the first time in two academies I learned what was needed to ACTUALLY shoot a pistol and achieve results. Never have heard of indexing, and didn't know it was a problem until working with John. During the pistol class I would have liked to have more time with John, which is probably just greed, in the sense that I saw such and improvement I wanted to keep improving. I would have liked for him to watch my footwork and offer more constructive criticism. The class was over all, Fantastic!
When I went to the rifle class with John I gained knowledge that made me a better shooter instantly. The video highlighted all my mistakes and shortcomings it was refreshing to see what to work on and how. John really answered all my "why" questions that every idiot on the internet that exercise's his/her voice only speculates about. Again, my only recommendations would be to record and analyze the footwork and to somehow incorporate some distance offhand, at most 100m (don't want to spoil myself for the long range class I'm going to take with the Sheriff)
In closing I will say that this class is unlike any other. Instead of learning some drill or watching some guy that is supposed to be famous shoot, a student LEARNS HOW TO SHOOT. Never once did John not act as a true professional and teacher, and all this learning and accomplishment was done HAVING A LOW ROUND COUNT. Instead of just throwing lead, John makes sure that the students make each shot count and learn the technique. This leads to more retained information and each student leaving as a better shooter. I know I did and I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone. From beginners to "advanced" shooters, a student can keep going back to John's classes and keep getting tuned up. I'm even taking my wife as soon as John puts on another one in this area! All in all gents, great class. Great instruction. Highly recommend these classes, and John is 100% correct, he will teach you more in 4 rounds, than you've learned in 4,000.
- Josh

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