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High View, WV: June 27, 2015 Pistol Course

I was fortunate enough to attend John McPhee's 1 day video diagnostics pistol class in West Virginia over the weekend.  After stepping up to the firing line John recorded me shooting 2 rounds then performing a reload from slide lock and shooting 2 more rounds.  John then sat me down and reviewed the footage making corrections on my presentation from the holster, acquiring the front sight quickly, stance, grip, body positioning, and support hand location.  I've been a Police Officer for over 15 years and usually when your rounds are to one side or the other of the target all you hear from an instructor is "you're jerking the trigger", that's it no here's how you fix it, just you're jerking the trigger.  I was simply amazed that after firing 4 rounds John could tell me exactly everything I was doing wrong and more importantly how to fix the problems.

I've been to numerous schools and training and I've never had the one on one instruction like with John and this was only a one day school.
The one on one instruction didn't stop after the video diagnostics, John ran our class through numerous drills reinforcing what he taught the students from their watching their individual diagnostic.  John went up and down the firing line stopping at each student and giving him instruction on how to improve.  I've never experienced this before period.  John is super laid back and is very approachable.  John also demonstrated the techniques that he showed us, so that we could apply them better.  I highly recommend this class to anyone out there that wants to improve there shooting.
Thanks again John

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