High View, WV Pistol Course AAR

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High View, WV: June 26, 2015 Pistol Course

The 1 day video diagnostic pistol class was my first "real" pistol class! I wanted to take a class from someone that has really been there, done that! and John "Shrek" McPhee is defiantly that guy. Although he is not flashy, he is all business and knows what hes talking and teaching. The class began with every student shooting two shots, reloading and shooting two more, which John videoed and then broke it down for us so we could see our strengths and weakness'. What a brilliant concept, although the technology has been around, it is very new to the shooting world! Being able to see yourself shoot and what to correct is invaluable and a total game changer! Johns approach is on the fundamentals, stance and grip. No matter if this is your first time holding a gun or you're a seasoned veteran everyone can learn and improve from this class. I highly recommend and hope to take more classes in the future. Thank you SOB (sheriff of Bagdad) 


- Mostly Knives

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