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Video Diagnostic Pistol 26 JUN 15:
The Sheriff introduced himself and provided his background. He provided an agenda for the day and described that the morning would be slower due to filming and diagnosing each shooter. During this time, not only did I learn so much about my training scars watching myself, I also learned how to detect it when watching others shoot. Understanding my problems combined with Johns instruction solidified my continued education and training after this class. Everything John was teaching about body mechanics, mechanical lock up, proper indexing, grip, stance and presentation all started to make sense through the video diagnostics. What sold me on his methodology was when he diagnosed me with an indexing issue. He looked at my target and noticed my rounds were generally center but 3 inches on the left of the A zone. John asked me if my groups at distance were generally wide, which I concurred. Then he asked me if someone told me to add more pressure with my non-firing hand, which I concurred. That is when John informed me I had an index problem and he proceeded to mark the web of my hand with a pen. After you draw, take aim, place your firing hand towards the ground and check my grip for proper index. After a few more practice shots it all made sense, I was compensating for a problem I didn't even know I had. Johns observations and recommendations, which are curtailed directly to a students issues, are a testament to his professionalism as well as a master of his craft. We ended the day with a walk back. This was the first time I ever shot past 50 yards accurately. I was truly amazed when I was able to shoot past 80 yards and win the coveted SOB belt buckle (THANK YOU SO MUCH!). I truly enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about proper shooting, at any skill level.
Video Diagnostic Carbine 28 JUN 15:
The Carbine class was conducted in a similar fashion as the Pistol class. The only difference was that we filmed all the shooters at once and then conducted the video diagnostics. I like this format better because it saved time and allowed individual practice once while others were being diagnosed. There was more movement conducted in the carbine course which allowed me to learn that proper grip, stance and presentation can be utilized on the move quickly, efficiently and accurately. The carbine course was just as beneficial as the pistol course. Same stance, grip and presentation applied to the rifle made a true difference to run a rifle as fast, accurate and safe as I have ever conducted, even faster than my competition speed in 3 Gun. I didn't know I could move that fast.
1. Film diagnosis does not lie. John provided sound instruction based not only on his experience but grounded in Science. He could answer the "Why" while others just tell me to work on my grip or stop jerking the trigger (which is a myth).
2. Low round count. Unlike other classes where we shoot hundreds of rounds to practice drills, we shot less than 200 to practice perfectly and learn from our mistakes. John gave attention to all students individually and provided corrections or reminders to get us back on target.
3. Continued education after the class. Once I am provided the videos, I can use every time I train at home or at the range. Josh Davis who attended the class with me can spot check me every time we are on a range and I can do the same with him. Additionally, I have the option of gunfighterU in a couple of months to ensure I am training properly.
4. Movement drills with Pistol and Carbine. We can all shoot on a static range, but life involves movement.
5. Professionalism. As I stated earlier, John is  a consummate professional and a master of his craft. He is also a great guy to be around and he didn't carry himself above us. I really appreciated his candor, which allowed me to go past my ego so I could actually learn about myself.
Constructive criticism:
1. As discussed in the class, the battle lab will be a great idea once he can get the equipment up and running. I look forward to it in a future class.
2. Shooting in depth. Due to constraints of time, I would like to see a 2 day version to encompass shooting in depth (behind cover, multiple planes, shooting with team members).
Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback and thank you again for this class. I will be back for the heavy Carbine class later in the year.
Jason Hobson, CPT, IN Army National Guard and avid 3 gunner & competitive shooter.

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