High View, WV Pistol and Carbine Course AAR

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High View, WV: June 26-28 Pistol and Carbine Course

I signed up for John’s class for one reason only, to increase my skills with the handgun.  When I left the course, I walked away with so much more.  This class will teach you more in 4 rounds and 15 minutes than any other class or instructor has before, hands down.  I was to the point where my mind was overwhelmed with all the different concepts and philosophies that have been taught to me over the years.  John restored confidence in my abilities and really makes you question why you would ever go anywhere else for additional advice/instruction.  It’s a pretty simple concept and John has it mastered.  John brings instant credibility with his background but unlike other instructors with credible backgrounds, he explains the why behind his concepts and then proves them through demonstrations.  What really sets John apart from his competitors is the fact that he is a great teacher, he can tell you what you are doing wrong, explain to you what you need to do to make it right, and then show you the results through your own performance.  John quickly dispelled many theories at the beginning of the class that other instructors commonly utilize to tell you what the problem is.  Once you have the handgun down, the carbine utilizes the same process.  The other benefit of working with John is the down time at the range house when he unleashes a story about the truth.  Whether it be politics, war, or computer apps – pretty straightforward.  I had the benefit of picking where I wanted to go for my NRA instructor recertification and could not be happier with my choice.  I have brought John in previously to work with our instructors and have continued to push his name in our industry.  Find me someone who can do it better?    


T. Leach

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