Premium Pistol: High View, WV June 24, 2016

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I recently attended a SOB 1 Day Premium Pistol Course in High View, WV and it was an eye opening experience. I was in the US Army for 9 years with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan and I have been a Law Enforcement Officer for 6 years. With my background I knew I had some training scars, but I thought I was pretty experienced, I was mistaken. With the use of video and John's experience he was able to identify my issues within seconds. John was able to show me exactly what I had been doing wrong and he showed me how to correct my issues, but more importantly he told me why I was doing things wrong. John's few minutes of explanation and correction were better than years of training on the range in both the military and law enforcement. John destroyed the myth and excuse of tigger jerk that range instructors have been telling people for years. Most instructors I have dealt with would just tell you that you were doing something wrong, but offered no correction or advice. John not only identified errors, but he told you why you were doing what you were doing and how to correct it.  By the end of the day using John's instruction I could see and feel the improvement in my shooting. John was able to simplify shooting theories so everyone in the class could understand them and then use his explanations in self correction during courses of fire. 
Throughout the day John took the time with each student individually to offer advice and corrections. John's coaching style made each student feel like the course was one-on-one instruction and not a class of 6 students. Based on my experience with John I feel that every firearms instructor working in law enforcement or the military should be required to take a course with John. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to improve their shooting take a course with John. I am looking  forward to working with John again in the future.
Matt R.

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