2-Day Pistol Course April 13-14, 2016

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This was the second time I attended John's Diagnostic Pistol training.  The first time was last year and one of the best training classes I had ever attended.  And, that is with over a decade of attending other training from various well known instructors and schools.
This year it was a two day class, and it was even better than the previous year.  John's personal attention to every student is incomparable to other instructors.  His experience and instruction abilities are truly at a master's level as well.  For a person with his background, he is one of the most approachable and interactive instructors I have met.  John gives valid explanations, honest answers to questions, and has the class laughing with his sense of humor.  As opposed to some other instructors, who are unapproachable, and sometimes arrogant with their abilities.
The value of the video coaching can't be explained here in words, but is a huge training benefit not only during, but after his training.  Over the years, trying to retain, take notes, and remember everything from classes is a challenge for me, (and probably any adult learner for that manner). With the video coaching, you always have them to refer to, practice and get better with.

If you are going to attend one of his classes, don't expect to shoot hundreds upon hundreds of rounds, especially on the first day.  That is not how John instructs you, but rather, meticulously breaks down and analyzes every body position and movement you do.  He then throughly explains the "why" to diagnose your problems, almost like a doctor and then gives you the "cure".  Then, more drills come later to apply what needs to be fixed to make you a better shooter.  This is contrary to most other schools and instructors I have trained with, where you shoot, shoot more, and occasionally get coaching or need to figure out yourself why you are not shooting well.  
John's classes are a complete paradigm shift from the current firearms training doctrine that is being used now.  I highly recommend attending one of John's classes, you will not be disappointed and you will see (and be shown) immediate improvement with your shooting skills.
Jason K. (Police Officer)

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