2-Day Pistol Course April 13-14, 2016

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AAR for 2-day Pistol Diagnostic Class.

Joliet, IL April 13-14, 2016


My name is Joe.  I am a Sgt. with the *** Police Dept. in **** IL.  I have been a police officer for 22 years.  I am a TL on our dept. swat team where I have served as a team member for 17 years and have also served for 13 years on a state WMD SRT team. 


I have been to several trainings.  I trained with other Law Enforcement Trainers, Military, to include some other Tier 1 guys.  The techniques have been ground into me for the past 22 years. 


I heard about John McPhee from a buddy of mine in the WMD system who had previously attended his class in Indiana last year.  My buddy who explained to me how it was crazy how John was “Debunking” everything he had ever learned about shooting the pistol.  At this point I began researching John.  Needless to say I liked what I saw on the net and Youtube.  I was signed up for Joliet and cautiously optimistic.


The last two days were eye opening.  His information about the neuroscience and how the brain has to “re-learn” was great.  Covering everything that I could think of in the short two day period.  John used the Coach’s eye to show me exactly where/what I was making mistakes on and then “Coached” me on how to improve.  Clearly John has a mountain of experience from his career yet he is a humble man.  I was impressed that if you were just an everyday joe and walked up to our class you would never know he was any different from the other 7 guys in the class.   This is always nice to see.  I have been in classes where the instructor has a “I’m better than you attitude.”  That was not a problem with John.


Another thing that I liked was how John talked about procedures and how the brain learned easier with procedures.  I am an Army Veteran so I get this and I understand why the military does it by the numbers.  Well everything John showed us had a procedure.  This was great for me because once I figured out why I was making a mistake there was a quick fix.  Speed comes with efficiency.


Overall, this was an incredible class!  I would highly recommend it to anyone not just LE/Mil.  Your confidence with move way up.  You will learn how to improve your skills for life.  As John says, “He is not teaching you how to catch a BIG fish today, he is teaching you how to fish for life!” 


Thanks again.

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