2-Day Pistol Joliet, IL April 13-14, 2016

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This was our second time hosting an SOB class; both years Pistol Diagnostic and one year Rifle Diagnostic. In 13 years in law enforcement, this is one of the most fundamentally sound, yet original courses, I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

John does not teach a system. There is no gimmick; it’s experience and scientifically-based instruction that makes his courses so original and highly useful. John breaks down each attendees weapon handling skills on video and then, through video and coaching, makes the shooter a significantly more efficient and effective gunfighter. John’s claim that you bring whatever you shoot and he will make you better is a true statement.

Furthermore, John provides you with your video that has voice and direction overlay by John to keep. What that means, is…a year from now or ten years from now, you can still tap into what you’ve learned in the course. It’s always firsthand and applicable knowledge - - instead of struggling from notes and memory to recall what you learned.

John does not simply point out faults and tells you to fix them, but he provides you with experiential and scientific reasoning why you should do one thing as opposed to another and then shows you and works with you to correct it on video in and person. This is all done not as an instructor, but as a coach.

John provides firsthand weapon handling skills, not grapevine teachings. You’re not just going to throw copious amounts of ammunition down range for the sake of shooting; you’re thoroughly coached and you perfectly practice.

SOB classes typically have smaller class sizes which allows John to provide individual and personalized attention to every student.

The value added to John’s courses are significant. For whatever you pay for an SOB class, it is easily worth twice that.

One of the common themes at the end of each training day is, “this was amazing” and “wow”.

Speaking from the law enforcement side, in terms of weapon handling, John is leading a paradigm shift in the law enforcement community.

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