1-Day Pistol April 15, 2016

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I recenty took one of SOB's one day pistol courses.  I have to say I was not disappointed.  Even with a limited amount of time of one day I learned a lot.  John uses technology in a way I've never seen before in firearms training.  John emphasized the basics of stance and grip and dispelled common myths of pistol training.  John also made the course a lot of fun in an easy going, laid back environment. 
John's use of video diagnostics made me look at firearms training like I never have before.  The use of the Coach's Eye app made me realize where my weaknesses were.  John used the video to explain the mechanics of using the pistol made a lot more sense then, "Do it like this, because I said so!"  The fact that John sends us our videos, breaking down our techniques, means we can always go back for future reference.  Never before have I seen a firearms instructor do this.  John's use of video diagnostics is light years ahead of other trainers.  The use of the modern coaching technique is much more helpful than typical firing line "grape vine info," as John puts it.
John's emphasis of the stance and grip helped dispel a lot of common shooting myths.  Emphasizing the fundamentals and explaining how they relate to marksmanship made a whole lot more sense then, "too much trigger finger," "too little trigger finger", "you're slapping the trigger."  Using what John taught us instantly improved my grouping.  I'm excited to continue practicing these techniques and keep improving. 
Within the first five minutes my first initial thoughts were I could tell John was very passionate about shooting and training.  The way he spoke to us and explained how the course was going to go I could tell I better pay attention because I was about to have a lot of info thrown at me.  I'd read about some of John's past exploits in his old unit and already knew I was going to be working with someone who knew what they were talking about.  John made the course very casual, laid back and was open to questions at any time.  John did not talk down to his students and was very professional.  John was always willing to provide anyone with extra help if needed.  The laid back environment of the whole course made it very enjoyable.  I cant recall when I had such a good time training.   
Lastly, if you're thinking about taking one of John's courses, don't hesitate any longer.  Register before it gets filled.  I put off taking one of his courses for a year and regret missing some of the other opportunities.  The only regret from the one day course is that I didn't take one of his two day courses.  You'll learn a lot and have a blast doing it. 

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