Joliet, IL MIL/LE 1-Day Pistol Course AAR

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Michael Brideson- April 11, 2015

As a police officer, I have gone through a lot of courses ranging from basic pistol at the academy to advanced courses through the FBI. This was the first course that I took that actually made sense and improved my skills in under 100 rounds fired. The video diagnostic was amazing how my shooting was broken down and how John was able to go through my presentation, to my grip, to my stance, to my reload and help me understand where and what I needed to work on. John is a great instructor who doesn’t feed you any BS and gets straight to the point by doing one on one common sense training with each person. The only thing I would change about the course is make it a 2 day course instead of 1. The reason being is that you get a lot of information to absorb and it would be great to be able to come back the next day and work out any lingering problem areas. I can’t wait for John to come back to Illinois and I can’t wait to see the downloadable content I was able to be a subject for after the class.

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