Joliet, IL MIL/LE Pistol & Carbine Course AAR

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SOB Tactical LE/Mil Pistol Diagnostics and LE/Mil Carbine Diagnostics
Joliet, IL
Both days started with a relatively short (but packed with great information and perspective) period of instruction on grip, stance, presentation, and reloads as well as some insight on why the diagnostics with Coaches Eye are critical. After the down and dirty, we got right to the diagnostics portion. During the diagnostics for these particular classes, we did shoot two, reload, shoot two. Each shooter was recorded and reviewed using Coaches Eye. Students were encouraged to watch the diagnostic portion for their fellow shooters to help learn how to self-diagnose and diagnose other shooters areas for improvement. The diagnostics portion of the class eats up the first half of the day but leaves you a little in shock of how much you can improve just by watching the Coaches Eye video and getting corrections from a legit Commando. The second half of the day was dedicated to drills and shoot-offs. The drills varied from pistol to carbine and the shoot-offs were different as well. Carbine drills included forward, diagonal, and lateral movement while shooting. The shoot-offs ended each day and worked on the skills we had developed as well as brought some friendly competitiveness to the class. Winners (2 each day) received a laser engraved SOB Aegis belt buckle that you can send to Ares Gear to have their crew make a custom Aegis belt - a prize valued at approximately $110 if I remember correctly (not to mention the special engraved buckles MUST be earned).
Round count each day was less than 250 rounds.
My opinion: I've taken 11 days of training with John now and I've got 2 more slated for the summer. I will continue to go to John for training because of three reasons: First, his coaching is out of this world. He can immediately and efficiently correct any issue you're having (even if you didn't know it existed) by articulating why it's occurring, how to fix it, and why the fix works; Second, I don't think even John knows how many gold nuggets of knowledge he has. His coaching is pure gold and the information he has to share is based on years of being a Ranger, a Commando, and having done literally countless operations in combat; Third, John SHOWS you your improvement immediately via Coaches Eye. The video doesn't lie. Even the best shooters in the world have room for improvement. The video are sees the areas to improve, John is gives his priceless input, and the corrections/improvement can be quantified instantly. At the end of it all, John sends you your Coaches Eye videos (with his audio input and on-screen corrections) so you can review them forever.
You'll see more improvement in the first four shots with John than you will at the end of an entire class with one of the more well known instructors - I promise.
Justin H.
Police Officer/USMC 0311

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