Knob Creek, KY Pistol Course 9/12/2015

Posted by Abbey C on

TAKE THIS CLASS! Best class I ever had. I wish I had taken it years back. John McPhee delivers PHD level shooting advise and has you shooting better in just a handful of rounds regardless of your experience level. 
John is down to earth, laid back, helpful, doesn't yell at students, or get mad at you. He doesn't constantly remind you of his resume, preach on mindset, or tell you to do something just "cause. John gives you the WHY behind all of it and backs up what he does with hard fast results. 
We started the morning at Knob Creek with a few rounds and video analysis. With the coaches eyes he covered my stance, grip, presentation, and reload. FYI he records and sends you the recommendations later to keep. Seeing your own mistakes and others you learn a ton. It's mind blowing but the video doesn't lie. We did some drills after analysis to implement what we learned. Everyone I saw, including myself, shot better right away. He made sure to give everyone one on one time during the drills. 
This isn't a high round count shoot mindlessly after hearing a buzzer class. Just good fundament shooting. 
I will take it again for sure, my wife wants to go, and I'll send anyone who'd listen to take it. Can't afford to go? Do Gunfighter University!
Jon S.

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