Knob Creek (West Point, KY) Pistol Course AAR

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Pistol Course AAR: September 12, 2015

I signed up because my husband was taking the class and he was pestering me to do it. My thought process was he could take the class and share his new knowledge with me. I didn’t see the point in paying an additional $300 for information that he could easily pass onto me. As I browsed the SOB website and read the reviews I had to re-think things.  Where else was I going to have the experience of  my very own shooting coach? So I pulled the trigger and signed up! I’m so glad I did!!


Before we got started John gave us a quick rundown on how the day was going to go. He immediately put me at ease as he explained his teaching style and how the day was going to go. It felt like a normal day at the range hanging out with the guys! All the nerves were gone before we even got started!


We all went through the drill as John took video of each shooter. Then we headed back to the “classroom” and gathered around the monitor. Watching each video was a learning tool. I knew a few things I needed to work on just by watching everyone’s video and listening to John’s advice. John took time with each student as we went through the videos. He focused on stance, grip, presentation and reload. He took the time to watch each video and show you what you did right and what you could do better. Being a visual learner this was absolutely priceless for me! Being able to see it and then see how to correct it was well worth the price of the class.


After we finished up with the video diagnostics we headed out to practice what we learned. John took the time with each person to bring together everything that we had learned in the classroom. He coached each of us until we were all shooting better than we had been a few short hours ago. He ran us through some different drills and once again worked his way down the line and worked with each person personally. This man is a gifted instructor. His teaching style is laid back and easy to keep up with. As a new shooter I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I didn’t have any problem following along. He was always there to answer questions and provide positive re-enforcement. He was genuinely happy for you when it all came together!


Ladies don’t hesitate to take this course!! You will be comfortable with this guy from the get go no matter what level shooter you are. In fact, I would encourage beginners to take this class and start out being trained by the best! I’m actually looking forward to taking this class again next time he’s in my area!  


Thank you SOB!!


- K. Carter

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