Knob Creek (West Point, KY) Pistol Course AAR

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Pistol Course AAR: September 12, 2015

I recently attended John’s 1-Day Pistol Class at the Knob Creek Gun Range. As many have previously mentioned, John is not only a talented shooter, but a phenomenal instructor as well. He clearly has a driving passion to help his students take their performance to a higher level. I appreciated the fact that he tailored his advice to each individual for the level they were at, and he definitely has a way of helping his students build those mental pathways to see the light!   

One of the biggest benefits, in my opinion, was listening to John’s analysis of everyone’s videos in the first half of the class: it was critical for me to repeatedly hear (and internalize) his advice to the other students on how to optimize their performance. By the time we actually began to put it into practice during the second half of the day, everything just seemed to immediately connect.

We had a great mix of students in the class: some MIL/LEO, civilians, and (I believe) a female shooter who hadn’t really shot before. One of the best parts at the end of the day was seeing her put ragged groups in the target and hitting steel at distances most people who claim they’re “shooters” are afraid to even attempt. I think all of us said “I wish I'd taken this class sooner” at some point during the day!

In short- whatever level you're at, take this class. You won’t be firing thousands of wasted rounds, but the rounds you’ll shoot in this class will make all the difference in your progression as a shooter!     


-Jon D.

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