1-Day Pistol Course: Knoxville, TN

Posted by Abbey C on

Knoxville, TN: July 20, 2016

The pistol diagnostic course that I attended yesterday was probably the single best day of training I've ever received. John walks you thru why things are how they are in the gun training industry then shows you why the vast majority is wrong. His approach is based on logic and body mechanics, plus it's hard to argue against someone who has as much real world experience at the Tier 1 level. I spent 6 years in the Army and I've been a cop for over 22 years and I've had a ton of training but I've never been to anything as helpful as this class was to shooting better. However, be prepared to accept all the bad habits you've developed over the years when you see yourself on video. I was doing things that I had no idea that I was doing, but like John says video don't lie! He gives each student the individual attention needed to fix their specific problems. I would recommend this class to anyone who carries a gun and wants to be as effective as possible with it.

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