1-Day Pistol Course: Knoxville, TN

Posted by Abbey C on

I took the 1 day pistol course in Knoxville, TN. and would like to leave some feedback. I NEVER leave feedback about anything, but feel absolutely compelled to for this course. Shrek is very laid back and immediately puts you at ease. No high-stress, no yelling, etc as you may see with some other former military trainers. It is very apparent from the outset as he explains the days events that is centered to each person's needs, and not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all course. The implementation of video diagnostics to review and show frame by frame where problems lie and their resolution is by far the most revolutionary facet of firearms training I have seen. You will see things that you did not even know you are doing and how to correct them. Further, the ability to go back at any time and watch the video to recall issues is awesome.  You don't have to worry about attempting to remember everything that was said on the range at the time. You can stay in the moment and go back at any time. I missed the opportunity last fall to train when he was in my home city, so I made the 5 hour drive to Knoxville. If you are on the fence, don't be. After the experience, I would double the drive if I had to, without question. My only regret was it was the one-day workshop and not the 2 day. I really want to progress into the advanced tactics of the second day, so I will attend again if a 2 day workshop comes along. You want to get better, go get in a class before they fill, period.

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