1-Day Pistol Course: Knoxville, TN

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If you truly want to get better as a shooter then you found the right class. Throw away everything you think you know about shooting, get rid of your ego, and your misconceptions. Show up with an open mind and let someone with years upon years of shooting experience give you the common sense solutions to make you a better than you ever thought possible.
Using the Coach's Eye App and in only a few short rounds John will analyze your shooting and explain everything to you so that its memorable and repeatable. John keeps the round count low and the class sizes small and manageable around 8 to 10 students to get the maximum time with his students both with the video diagnostic review and next to you on the range during the drills. It is not about a ton of shooting it is about slowing down and doing the drills as perfect as you can with Coach Shrek watching and helping you. This way the next shots you fire will be closer to perfect than anything you have done before. By the end of the day you can easily diagnose your own shooting and others around you by looking at the shooter or their rounds impacting the target. Even if the group is the size of a quarter you'll see where they can improve!!! 
This is my second class with John Shrek McPhee and I'll note my wife has done a Gun Fighter University class as well. We are fans of his instruction and his high level information he gives you. John always gives the common sense WHY concept behind anything he describes so you know the "so what" behind everything you are being asked to do. He does not yell at you or berate you at all. John simply tells you what to add or adjust, and you instantly see results! 
The morning will start off with with a quick safety brief, a little about John and what to expect for the day. You'll get on the firing line and from the holster firing a couple of rounds, doing a reload, and firing two more. While you do this John will take his iPad and video you using the coach's eye app to diagnose and go over later. You'll spend the morning going over each others videos and learning a ton. In the afternoon you'll do some drills with John getting some hands on time with each student out there. At the end of the day expect to share something you learned and give ideas to how he can improve. This class was different than my first class as he frequently incorporates new ideas from students. 
Now stop reading and sign up for a class before it sells out. Thank me later!

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