1-Day Pistol Course: Knoxville, TN

Posted by Abbey C on

This was my second time taking the 1 day Video Pistol Diagnostics course and I have to say it was just as beneficial as the first time. John is constantly improving his courses and they are ever evolving. When the course first began I wondered exactly how much I would get out of the course and if it would just be the same course all over again. IT WAS NOT! I had a lot of work to do after the first pistol course and I used John's critiques and put in the work. When I took the course this time I had mastered some of the big points, which was encouraging, so I could focus on some of the finer points to make me even faster and more efficient with my pistol. The course is truly personal training with a firearm. John gives you specific corrections and fine tunes what you, specifically, need to work on. No matter your skill level this course will be a benefit to you and improve you. If you stop reaching for better or think you can't improve then you are simply wrong and the video will show where you are deficient. Even with this being my second time in the class, I absolutely got just as much benefit as the first time and will take it a third time if I have the opportunity. Another benefit I found from taking the class multiple times is it really sets you up for success from Gunfighter U. Taking John's class and getting used to his teaching style and the verbiage he uses will only help you if you do a Gunfighter U video because you won't have to wonder what he means by something he says. You'll know exactly what he is talking about, fix it, and push yourself to higher levels. After 4 years in the Marine Corps and 9 years of LE experience I feel like I am just now beginning to approach a higher level of shooting by utilizing perfect practice and John's specific corrections. Looking forward to another class!

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