1-Day Private Pistol: Gaffney, SC

Posted by Abbey C on

Gaffney, SC September 3, 2016

"I've been shooting my entire life, but it wasn't until John's pistol class that I discovered I've been simply duplicating bad habits. Within four rounds, John was able to diagnose the core problems in my grip, stance, presentation and reload. People have always told me that I have a trigger jerk problem, but John busted that myth immediately and addressed my actual issues by using state of the art coaching software. John always says "the video don't lie" and he's exactly correct. Once we addressed the issues and how to correct them, we ran through various drills to build on what we learned. John made sure to work with each student individually during the drills.  What really surprised me was the neuroscience approach John took in his teaching.  By understanding the neuroscience and the way the brain operates, I was able to reach speed, ability and accuracy that I never thought possible.  Unlike many other classes, you walk away from John's class with confidence, dramatic improvement, friends and an invaluable education. I can't wait to hit the range to work on the things John taught me, but more importantly...and can't wait to attend another class to grow even more as a shooter.  Many thanks to John and the SOB team! Looking forward to another class very soon! - Thomas H."

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