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I started my Law Enforcement journey in 1979 and from the first day in the academy until today my passion has been to learn all I can about tactics that will assist myself and officers I train to survive. Since 1985 I  have been some type of trainer for cops and from 1990 to the present I have had the privilege of being the main trainer for agency from County SWAT teams to my department now that is a small 13 person department on a liberal arts college.

Your presentation was impressive in the manner that you related to the group. It was obvious that your background gives you the ability to understand how being mentally and physically prepared for the survival moment is important. In our class there was a vast cross section of cops and you were able to bridge the gap in age, experience and willingness to learn. If you simply repeated what had been said to me for years about shooting a weapon I am sure I would have learned something simply because you know how to interact with cops.

I always go into a class knowing I will learn something but in your class I learned more than the last 25 years. I have always said that whenever presented with new stuff look for what may help. It may be necessary to separate the parts that can help you while disregarding  the parts that don't quite fit your ability.  The other half of my training thought process was you will never find the holly grale in training or tactics. However you have found it. There was not one aspect of your training that did not make me a better shot. I was so impressed with what you showed us I can't stop watch my videos or practicing my stance, grip, presentation and reloads.

My son is presently in the army so I want to make sure I thank you for your service. Secondly I want to thank you for having the passion to forge forward spreading this word to help shooters understand the myths that have been past down for generations. I do not think you are looking for or need disciples but I have become one.

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